Journey Into the Heart of Medicine

Making the Rounds: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Doctor

Always wanted to be a doctor or pursue pre-med? Wake Forest’s online course is designed for high school students. You’ll get an inside look at how physicians manage patient care from ambulance to ER to aftercare. Teaching the course are Wake Forest School of Medicine professors Dr. Lindsay Strowd and Dr. Roy Strowd. Through immersive simulations, videos and course assignments, you’ll study the anatomy of the heart, what triggers a heart attack and how a treatment team works.

Medicine +Live: This summer, enjoy all the features of our Medicine course PLUS live online sessions on select weekdays. Choose +Live when you apply to select this option. Find the schedule and more details here.

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Program Dates

Multiple 2- and 4-week sessions.


For students ages 13+.


$995 ($1295 for +Live)

2 ways to take this course

Online Immersion Option

One online immersion option is fully asynchronous, allowing you to tune in anytime your schedule allows. It features online video lessons by professors and support from expert mentors.

Online Immersion +Live Option

The +Live version of our courses includes everything offered in the online program plus live instructional zoom sessions with industry experts and guest speakers. Available for select programs and offered only in the summer. Find a sample schedule and more details here.


  • Asynchronous video lessons
  • Certificate of Completion from WFU
  • Support from mentors
  • -
  • Learn at your own pace

Medicine +Live

  • Asynchronous video lessons
  • Certificate of Completion from WFU
  • Support from mentors
  • Live sessions on select weekdays with experts
  • Learn on a structured schedule

Topics Covered:

Anatomy of the Heart

In this course, we will drill down into the workings of this vital organ.

Social Factors that Contribute to Heart Disease

You'll learn about social and lifestyle factors that contribute to heart attacks such as diet, exercise and risk behaviors such as smoking.

Treating the Patient

You’ll be introduced to the medical professionals, technologies and medicines used to treat and heal patients.

The Inside Story

You’ll see how a working hospital operates from the point of view of paramedics, ER physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists and surgeons.

What it Takes to Be In Medicine

You’ll understand the educational and training requirements that go into careers in medicine.

Your Journey to the Heart of Medicine

Wake Forest Student working on a whiteboard

Our course will take you through these steps…

  1. The patient is home and is experiencing chest pains.
  2. The ambulance arrives, with EMS support crew.
  3. EMS takes vital signs as they race the patient to the ER.
  4. Arrival at the ER for evaluation and testing — what that entails.
  5. Off to the OR for treatment…whether surgery, a stent or some other life-saving intervention.
  6. From inpatient recovery to rehab to follow-up care.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Get an insider’s tour of a working hospital.
  • Learn how all departments work together — from patient intake to testing, treatment and post-hospital follow-up care.
  • Gain insights into the many types of academic, scientific and practical training required of different healthcare professions.
  • Understand whether or not a future in medicine is a fit for you.
  • Demonstrate what you’ve learned in a final Capstone project.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion from Wake Forest University.

Doctor working in lab with lab samples

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Making the Rounds: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Doctor

Length: 4 weeks

Cost: $995

Application Deadline: Sunday, September 25, 2022

November 6 - December 4

Making the Rounds: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Doctor

Length: 4 weeks

Cost: $995

Application Deadline: Sunday, October 30, 2022

December 18 - January 1

Making the Rounds: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Doctor

Length: 2 weeks

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Hear from our students

"I would definitely recommend this program because it's supportive, easy to follow, and informative. It was easy to balance the workload with other commitments, especially with the support of the incredible mentors."

Christina Z., medicine student from WA

"This course answered so many questions I had about different occupations in the medical field! It did a great job of exposing students to medical equipment, different medical conditions, healthcare issues, and the daily responsibilities of different healthcare workers."

Hannah O., medicine student from FL

3 Learning Advantages Designed for You

  1. Final Capstone Project

    All online immersion courses culminate in a special Capstone project that allows you to:

    • Demonstrate what you've learned in a presentation
    • Choose one of three topics showing what you've learned about healthcare from the patient journey
    • Use any media you prefer— text, video, photography, PowerPoint
  2. Mentoring

    You’ll receive personal guidance from a mentor who can support you and answer questions as you deepen your learning experience. You can expect:

    • Encouragement and direction on all assignments
    • Inspiration, motivation and confidence to help you succeed
    • Brainstorming and ideation help as you prepare for your final Capstone project
  3. Flexible Learning

    • 100% online, works with your schedule
    • You’ll learn through engaging video— tune in anytime that works for you
    • 30  hours of total instruction and course work, including engaging multimedia simulations and curated assignments for which you will receive guidance and support
    • Engage with fellow students around the world any time, any place

Meet Your Online Immersion Faculty Members

Dr. Lindsay Strowd | Medicine Course Instructor | Wake Forest University

Dr. Lindsay Strowd, Assistant Professor, Dermatology, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Dr. Lindsay Strowd got her MD from Wake Forest School of Medicine and did her residency in dermatology at The North Carolina Baptist Hospital. She is board certified and works as part of the team at the Wake Forest Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her research has been published in leading scientific journals.

Dr. Roy Strowd | Medicine Course Instructor | Wake Forest University

Dr. Roy Strowd, Assistant Professor, Neurology, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Dr. Roy Strowd got his MD from Wake Forest School of Medicine and completed his residency in Neurology at North Carolina Baptist Hospital. He is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He has done extensive research on topics such as: Glioblastoma, Brain and Peripheral Nervous System Tumors, Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, and his work can be seen in a host of leading medical journals.

Meet The Mentors

Callie | Wake Forest Medicine Course Mentor


Wake Forest University graduate with a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with Honors and Distinction for Leadership in Research and currently a medical student at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. She acquired clinical experience in the medical field through a broad range of shadowing positions, and as an emergency medical technician.

Jordan | Wake Forest Medicine Course Mentor


Wake Forest University graduate with a BS with Honors in Health and Exercise Science and a minor in Biology. While at Wake Forest, she volunteered at health clinics, completed multiple internships in various health-related fields, conducted research projects, served as a teaching assistant for human gross anatomy, and volunteered as a student athletic trainer for WFU’s football team. Jordan's also a first-year medical student at George Washington University.

Daniela | Wake Forest Medicine Course Mentor


Wake Forest University undergraduate majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Studio Art. She volunteers at the Community Care Clinic as a translator and tutor in math, is a leader in STEM inclusion, and is an AHEC scholar. She's participated in cancer biology research, specifically on ovarian and bladder cancer. Jordan also participated in the URECA research fellowship and became published.

Hannah | Wake Forest Medicine Course Mentor


Wake Forest University undergraduate majoring in Sociology on the Pre-Medicine track. She serves as a student researcher examining the impact of the Opioid Crisis on physicians' ethical decision-making processes.

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  2. Why you wish to take this course. You can tell your story through writing, video, photos — any media you prefer.

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