Summer Immersion Online Experience FAQ

How much is tuition?
$995. If you’ve already paid any funds toward Summer Immersion, they’ll be applied to this cost.
What do I need to do if I want to do Summer Immersion Medicine online?
  • If you’ve already paid in full for Summer Immersion:
    • Click on the link for the session you prefer — June 14—June 27 or June 28—July 11 — to transfer your registration.
    • You won’t have to pay anything. Use the code provided to you via email to apply your previous payment(s).
    • Since tuition is lower for the online experience, you can either:
      • (1) Apply your overpayment to a spot for any Institute in Summer Immersion 2021--you’ll still need to register in November, but you won’t need to re-apply or get new recommendations.
        • Tell me which option you’d prefer by emailing You’ll get a confirmation or refund within 5 business days and usually sooner.
        • This is a great option if you still want to go on campus or are interested in other Institutes like Neuroscience, Sports Medicine, Psychology, Engineering, or Business.
      • (2) Receive an automatic refund. Once you’ve registered for your desired session via the link above, you can expect to receive a refund within 5 business days for the difference in cost. You’re still welcome to apply for 2021, but you’ll need to re-apply.
  • If you’ve paid a deposit for Summer Immersion:
    • Click on the link for the session you prefer — June 14—June 27 or June 28—July 11 — to transfer your registration.
    • Use the code provided to you via email to apply your previous payment(s). deposit. Then, pay the remaining balance.
    • The payment deadline has been extended to May 1st. (We will try to accommodate students after the deadline but cannot guarantee a spot.)
Are payment plans available to pay the remaining balance?
  • Remaining balances are due Friday, May 1st, so payment plans are not available any longer for Summer 2020.
  • If you’re deferring to Summer Immersion 2021, you will be eligible for a payment plan. Reach out to for details about payment plans.
If I register and pay now but then change my mind, can I get my money back?
Yes. Because of this unprecedented situation and the uncertainty many families are experiencing, we will issue refunds requested up until two weeks prior to the start date.
How can I get a full refund for Summer Immersion?
  • To receive a full refund, use this form to cancel your registration and request a refund. Your refund will be processed within 5 business days (you’ll receive a confirmation), but it may take a bit longer for your financial institution to post the funds to your account.
  • IMPORTANT: Students who request to cancel their registration will be refunded the full amount paid for Summer 2020, including deposits that were previously non-refundable. Students who select this option may re-apply for Summer 2021 but will be required to submit a new application, including scholarship support application if applicable, and recommendations. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and acceptance and scholarship support is not guaranteed.
How can I defer my Summer Immersion enrollment to next year?
  • To defer to next year’s Summer Immersion Program, use this form to request your deposit/tuition be applied to the 2021 Summer Immersion Program. You will still need to register (opens in November), but you will not need to reapply.
  • IMPORTANT: Students who request to defer their enrollment will use their payments made for Summer 2020 to secure a space in the 2021 Institute of their choice. All payments made for Summer 2020 will be applied directly to Summer 2021 tuition. Students who were offered scholarship support will be awarded the same support for 2021 if they request to defer. Students who select this option will not be required to submit a new application or recommendations for Summer 2021, but they must register for their desired 2021 Institute when registration opens in November 2020.
What’s my deadline to make a decision regarding refunds, deferring, or participating in online Summer Immersion?
  • Please let us know how you’d like to proceed by Friday, May 1, 2020.
  • If you can’t meet this deadline for any reason, please contact us at or call us at +1 (202) 915-5030 and let us know.
How is the online experience different from the original program?
  • More flexible, mostly on your own schedule
  • Combination of synchronous instruction (live) and asynchronous instruction (recorded)
  • Includes more content
  • At home rather than on campus
  • Available at a lower tuition
  • Two weeks rather than just one (but can be done in one week, if desired)
  • For Sports Medicine: this offering is not a specialty course in sports medicine
  • Professors are the same
  • Contains a structured curriculum
  • The opportunity to go “inside” the hospital and other medical settings, just via video shoot on location
  • Interaction with Wake medicine professionals and student mentors
  • You’ll receive an official Certificate of Completion from Wake Forest after completion
What’s the format of Online Immersion?

In the Online Immersion experience, you will be guided by Wake Forest School of Medicine Faculty Members, Dr. Lindsay Strowd and Dr. Roy Strowd. You’ll see immersive simulations and videos and have course readings and assignments. This course is 100% online and can be completed at your own pace during the two weeks, but there will be plenty of opportunities to interact live with the professors and mentors.

The course is taught online and consists of pre-recorded videos with the instructors, interactive assignments, and activities that you complete on your own schedule. Your instructors will also host some live sessions throughout the course that you’re free to attend. Finally, you will have the opportunity to meet live and message with your Course Mentor online.

  • Your professors deliver live lectures on course topics and current issues like COVID-19
  • Complete coursework each day, just as if you were on campus
  • Receive guidance from Wake Forest University mentors
  • Complete and present a Capstone Project
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
Where can I find the syllabus?
The syllabus can be found here.
How do I connect with my Mentor?

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your mentor virtually during your course access period in two different ways: via designated office hours and via email.

  1. Once logged into your online syllabus in Canvas, you’ll be able to view your mentor’s available office hours, during which you can meet with your mentor and other students to ask any questions you have regarding the course.
  2. Also, you'll have the opportunity to email your mentor directly within Canvas whenever you have any questions or need support regarding your course content.
What if I am also registered for another Institute?

First, make your decision for medicine/sports medicine and take the appropriate action. This program has a high enrollment count and is most likely to reach capacity. Then, separately go here to review options and complete request forms for all other Institutes.

Why is there a different process for Medicine/Sports Medicine vs. the other Institutes?

Because of the especially high enrollment numbers for these programs, we are handling Medicine (and Sports Medicine) separately to help us serve all students as quickly as possible. ALL registered students have the option to attend an Institute that is available online, defer to next year, or cancel and get a refund.

What if I have more questions about the medicine program?
What if I have questions about other Summer Immersion programs/Institutes?

Visit the SIP Online Page page.


Betsy Schneider, Program Director
Phone: 980-224-9298

Kyla Hollingsworth, Executive Director
Phone: (704) 365-1921

Valeria Torres, Administrative Assistant
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