Go to the heart of medicine

Discover how EMTs and Paramedics help cardiac patients

While you are home from school, we would like to help you explore your interests. Wake Forest University School of Medicine is pleased to make a free learning exercise available to high school students interested in the field. Watch the videos and discover what working as an EMT or Paramedic is like. Be in the ambulance with a heart attack patient. Test what you’ve learned by answering the questions. Some will require additional web search. The more you learn, the better prepared you’ll be for the future. This one’s on us.

Test what you’ve learned — answer these questions.

  • Identify at least 5 risk factors for heart disease.
  • Compare and contrast signs and symptoms of a heart attack between men and women. Look for symptoms that can be seen in both sexes and ones which may be more common in men or women.
  • What is the difference between a Paramedic and an EMT?
  • What vital signs are commonly checked in the ambulance?
  • Smoking is a major risk factor for heart disease. Use the CDC website to identify the rates of tobacco use amongst adults and amongst teenagers in different U.S. states.

This free curriculum is part of Wake Forest University’s Pre-College Online Immersion Program in medicine. Learn more here.