Discover the thinking behind today’s hottest companies

Learn the evolution of streaming media

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop engaging your brainpower. Wake Forest University is providing a free learning exercise — available to high school students interested in how the most innovative companies succeed. View the links and discover how we went from videos in boxes to DVDs to streaming. Learn the thinking behind a giant such as Netflix and competitors such as Apple and Disney. Test yourself by answering the questions provided. Enjoy.

Test what you’ve learned — answer these questions.

Review Netflix’s Website:

  • What are Netflix’s core products and services?
  • How has Netflix evolved/ changed to meet the needs of its customers?
  • What makes Netflix unique among other streaming services? How loyal do you think Netflix customers are?
  • Think about Netflix’s typical customer and what they might watch instead of Netflix.
  • What sites, companies, products, services compete for the customer’s mindshare?
  • What services do you use? Would you delete Netflix for another site? Why or why not?
  • Do you think Disney + poses a viable threat to Netflix’s market share? Why or why not?

This free curriculum is part of Wake Forest University’s Pre-College Online Immersion Program in business. Learn more here.